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Where does the time go??!!! It seems just the other day that I thought this was a good idea!

My day seems to be so taken up with work, and then once home I only have a few hours to work on web stuff before I can hardly keep my eyes open anymore, and just flop into bed.

Just completed my third mosaic (Sunflower) and I'm very happy with it. Can't decide though whether I should keep it or sell it to pay for all the costs! Gee, this is an expensive hobby. Rewarding - yes, but also expensive - and hard on the hands with all the cuts.

Christmas is almost here again, and this year I decided to stretch out the gift shopping over 3 months salary. Just as well! The numbr of close family on the list seems to grow each year, especially if I include son-in-laws and daughter's boyfriends. And boy is it difficult to buy something for the son-in-law! I will probably only find something in the last week before Christmas.

Also decided to make a gift for the grand daughter. I found the old '…