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It's a new year once again. 2006 seemed to just fly past. Christmas was quiet as I had managed to spread out the 'shopping' over a 3 month period. Must remember to do that again this year as it certainly makes budgeting a lot easier. I also loathe having to push my way through crowds in the shops, and I have yet to see a "happy Christmas shopper"!!!

I didn't send out cards this year but followed the same pattern as the last 2 years - sending out a long Word document (with photos) with the story of my life during the last year. Eventhough I say so myself, it makes quite intersting reading. Perhaps one day I should put all these Christmas letters into a 'book' and give each of the girls one. Trying to remember what I did during the year however is a rather mind boggling experience, so I used my PC to assist me this time round! Quite handy having a date on each file created as I was able to piece together a fairly good story.

Mmmm ... as usual the …