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Catch up on 2007

I don't seem to be very good at this blog thing do I, with a year gone past after my last message? The problem (I think) is that I get so busy with other things in my life I forget all about writing here!

So, to catch up on 2007, I am taking snipppets out of my Christmas 2007 letter sent to family members and friends.

2007 was an up-and-down year with highlights and lowlights. The troubling bits were the farm attacks (2) on Dad and Judith on the farm, and then Dad's ill health and two very big stroke scares. If it wasn't for the fact that my hair was dyed brown, I would probably have noticed many more grey hairs!

One of the highlights for me was my work trip to the Karoo to do some more brown locust field trials. We were lucky enough to actually find a large hopper band that we followed (and measured hourly) for one whole day. I really am lucky to be able to enjoy my work so much.

My craft work seemed to take a bit of a back seat with all the house repairs I undertook. Oh, and…