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A year of my life in 2008

Man, but 2008 just FLEW away and it felt like the year was shorter than normal. When I look in the mirror however, I can see that time has gone by. Did I accomplish everything I planned for the year? Certainly not. Regardless of all my goals and plans, the year has slipped by as if to spite me. No regrets however – I am very thankful to the Lord for this past year – no matter how difficult it may have been.New year (2009) celebrations were raucous to say the least. I got the distinct impression that everyone was making up for last year! What a noise – the sound of exploding fire crackers seemed to go on forever, and the smoke (and smell) of cordite hung in the air like a grey blanket, dimming the street lights and making my nostrils tingle. I spent a lot of time talking to and calming my two Great Danes who were shivering from ears to tail, and each trying their level best to get as close to me as possible!Apart from being given a gorgeous new grand daughter on the 10th December 2008…