A year of my life in 2008

Man, but 2008 just FLEW away and it felt like the year was shorter than normal. When I look in the mirror however, I can see that time has gone by. Did I accomplish everything I planned for the year? Certainly not. Regardless of all my goals and plans, the year has slipped by as if to spite me. No regrets however – I am very thankful to the Lord for this past year – no matter how difficult it may have been.

New year (2009) celebrations were raucous to say the least. I got the distinct impression that everyone was making up for last year! What a noise – the sound of exploding fire crackers seemed to go on forever, and the smoke (and smell) of cordite hung in the air like a grey blanket, dimming the street lights and making my nostrils tingle. I spent a lot of time talking to and calming my two Great Danes who were shivering from ears to tail, and each trying their level best to get as close to me as possible!

Apart from being given a gorgeous new grand daughter on the 10th December 2008, the other two grandchildren doing well and growing up fast, the rest of the family has been well. My only two visits out of the country this year were both work related, one to Botswana and the other to Malawi (my first visit). I loved Malawi and the people there and hope to make another trip back doing something different and more personal like Bible placement.

This has been a very busy year - craft wise - and probably an indication of the higher stress levels I was under. The higher the stress - the more I craft!!!!


I started the year by signing up for a silversmith course and learnt to make metal jewellery. Eventhough I went home after every lesson with less skin on the tips of my fingers (from filing metal), I have enjoyed this new skill so much. Certainly not a cheap hobby though, so I only bought the basics and set up a jewellery worktable at home. We leart on copper first, then progressed to silver. Gold? Noooo too expensive and if you see how much gets filed/sanded off, you would also think 5 times before working with gold! Here are “some” of my original items I have already made. The "moth" earrings are actually a replicate of the African Armyworm moth that I research!

Then it was onto SCRAPBOOKING!

I can’t explain but for some silly reason I have put off learning this skill for 3 years! During a week-long visit to my sister however, we spent every day doing a little scrapbooking and a lot of shopping for items! I came home after my visit with a boot full of goodies and a head full of ideas. Since then I've completed an album on my mom, and have started one on my deceased husband. Great fun but also an addictive spending habit!!!!!!!!


The only project that was completed was a vanity table for my granddaughter for Christmas. My daughter had been given this item by a work colleague, but it was in desperate need of repair. My fingers ‘itch’ when I see things like this! So my young grandson (4) helped me to sand it down, and then I hid it from prying eyes until it was varnished, painted, and ‘prettied up’. Here is the end result and my granddaughter loves it!.


The family tree has more than doubled in size during this year (3,800 names) as I have found many side family links, mostly through the Stride (Dad’s mom) and Hockey (Martin’s mom) lines. The Kieser and Powell lines have unfortunately hit a brick wall but who knows maybe 2009 will open some doors there. It’s probably time for me to start putting all this information into a book form, but genealogy is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle – you’re never satisfied until all the pieces are in place. The problem with this particular hobby is that there is ALWAYS another piece!

So .... 2009 here we come!



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