FIFTY Birthday Book

I just have to show you this wordbook I made from scratch!

It was my sister-in-law's 50th birthday and we were invited to her party. Once again I decided to make something as I know she appreciates craftwork. As there were no downloadable '50' wordbook templates on the internet, I decided to try my hand at designing my own. I used the letters f-i-f-t-y and played around with some A4 scraps of paper to get the proportions correct. After downloading a font called 'pharmacy' from the internet, I typed the word 'fifty' in MSWord, and made the letters as big as possible. I then cut each one out and pasted the letter onto a piece of grey chipboard, each piece progressively wider than the last one. The hardest task was to cut out all these chipboards pages! My hands were aching afterwards from all the pressure I had to put on the craft knife!

The first job was to cover and paste some nice embossed paper onto the front and back of each letter. The lefthand pages were kept for guests to write on, and the righthand side for photographs which she could paste in after the event.

The book really looked nice after all the embellishments were glued on, and my sister-in-law absolutely LOVED it!. All the guests wrote little notes to her on the tags provided. The pages of the book were bound together with 2 large rings, and then some nice organza ribbon threaded through and tied up.

The 'closed' book.
The back of the letter "f" showing little pockets made with small notelets in each one.

I also inserted her 'clinic card' from when she was a baby. I had inhertited this card with a suitcase full of photos when her father died, and felt now was the perfect time to give it back to her!
Two weeks after her party, we put her photos in and completed the album!


  1. that´s very nice! The idea to use the word "fifty" is great!

    greeting from Germany


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