Table weights

Niki decided she needed to make some extra cash, so I got roped into paying for some items to make table weights. Not that I minded really, because I was glad she was doing some craftwork at last.  So we ended up at this one large bead shop, and must have spent nearly 2 hours there while she tried to make up her mind about which beads and stones matched, and whether they were the correct weight - or not!

Armed with this heavy bag of goodies we set up 'camp' at home in the craft room, and spread out everything on the table. Tiger's tail, pliers, crimps, newly bought shells and beads and stones ... we were ready to sell to the world!

The end results of this craft session were four gorgeous sets of table weights - quite exclusive actually (Niki has expensive taste). We set about working out their costs, and then adding a bit extra on for profit. Have we sold any of them? No. Two have already been given out as gifts - one for a 50th birthday and the other for a wedding gift. Of course we made exclusive boxes to gift them in as well. Now we just need another 2 weddings and they will all be gone! Must say though that they turned out rather nice.
(Top left = glass+pearl; top right=conch shell and pearl)
(bottom left=paua shell; bottom right=semi precious stones).


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