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Instructions: How to make a Tri-Fold Shutter card

This card - although it looks difficult to make - is in fact so easy once you know how! Follow the instructions below, and remember to have fun!

What you need
Coloured cardstock for the base of the card – a piece 5 ½ x 12 inches ( x cm)Scoring penPaper trimmer or guillotinePatterned paper to match the cardstock colour (I used the ‘Tweetstitch’ paper from the Cardmaking CD Issue 21)Toppers or other embellishments to suit your theme (mine is a girl toddlers’ birthday) (I used the toppers in the ‘Animal Magic Collection’ from the Cardmaking CD Issue 21)Craft knifeRuler (preferably a steel one so your blade won’t cut it!)Adhesives (glue, double-sided tape, foam pads) Steps 1 and 2
If your piece of cardstock is 12” x 12”, cut it down to 5 ½” x 12” in size. Mark your cardstock as shown below, then score along the dashed lines (---).

Now mark 1 ½ “ in from each long side of the card, and using your craft knife, cut (bold dotted lines) a slit between the 2” and 10” marks. Remember to do this …

Soccer side-stepper card

Soccer '2010' fever is high in South Africa at the moment with only a few days left to go! The 'double stepper' card's base is made from green cardstock (SA's soccer colours). The soccer images and background papers come from Avril's Crafting Corner (the Football slider card) and from Juliannes Designs( the rosettes) on the website. I flipped the left soccer boy on the computer to create the boy on the right, and then coloured his skin with watercolour pencils. The stripes on the uniforms and their hair are made with glue and foil. The banner was put together on my PC. I 'floated' the ball between the two boys by cutting out 2 images and sticking a piece of tiger's tail (beading wire) between them, and then fastening the two ends behind the boys' legs. By the way this card won 3rd place in the monthly competition!

Stamped 'lady'

I found this gorgeous 50's look rubber stamp which was sreaming to me ... buy me buy me! How could I resist? I stamped 3 images and coloured each one in with watercolour pencils, then paper pieced the lady together, and glued a guineafowl feather under her hat. The background was a printout of a freebie onto which I stamped a brown butterfly and added some tags and jewels.

Hello Kitty card

My granddaughter turned 7 and wanted a card showing "hello kitty". The image I found was perfect for making a shaker card with the 'heart' that the kitty was holding. The background was a piece of scrapbooking paper I found with an allover design of Happy Birthday, and I just highlighted some of the words with clear glitter glue.