Cracker shaped 'shaker' card

This card was made for a challenge viz. "make a card in the shape of a cracker and add serviette, clay, and mirror tile". Cutting the shape of the card was not as difficult as I thought it would be, and the shape is actually quite pleasing. It was the adding of the tiles and clay that stumped me at first. That is until I saw this absolutely gorgeous 'fat lady' decoupage paper and the creative juices just RAN! I probably went a little overboard with the 'shaker' oval, but I love making shaker cards and they are always so popular with my customers.

 So this is where I used all the challenge pieces:
1. Serviettes - I cut out 4 purple daisies out of a serviette and glued them onto the patterned maroon coloured paper.
2. Clay - the only clay embellishment I could find that suited this picture was a tiny peach coloured rose which I glued on top of the acetate of the shaker box.
3. Mirror tiles - In the image, the fat lady is looking into a mirror. Yes, you guessed it - I replaced the mirror part of the image with four tiny mirror tiles! Worked like a charm, and as they are all inside the shaker box no one handling this card will get hurt - a bonus in my opinion!

I could not resist the tiny gold shaker beads to compliment the gold colour around the purple daisies, and the gold spotted ribbon just finished it all off. A lot of work, but well worth it.


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