Using puff paint

I am lucky enough to have a sister who is a professional screenprinter, and who just 'happened' to give me a whole liter of white puff paint (very difficult to find in craft shops!) the last time I visited her! So .... as there is one little animal that God made that lends itself perfectly to white puff paint, of course I had to make a card. The 'ewe' also provided a super opportunity to play with the word - hehe.

I had a lovely piece of bright red card with a white backing that was just waiting to be cut into a heart shape. My little ewe (also compliments from my sister) was cut on the Cricut and I coloured the legs, squeezed out lots of puff paint from a fine nozzled bottle, puffed the paint with the hot air dryer, and then stuck on one googly eye and a red ribbon. Isn't she cute? The words ... 'Thinking of ewe" were printed on the pc, then a border of puff paint put on to resemble a cloud. Both the ewe and the cloud were raised with foam pads. The flowers were an afterthought as I had this large empty space top left of the heart, but they seem to have done the trick!


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