Catching up, and xmas tree ornament cards

Goodness, but time is flying! In the last 4 weeks I have spent two of them away from home - and my craft room! My sister suggested for my last week away, that I take a whole bag full of crafting goodies with to the hotel. The problem with that is, that just as you get into making something in the room, you realise you left the glue at home! So, I took another route. I printed out 10 pages of images that I wanted to make cards out of, put them, my small cutting scissors, and plastic sleeves, into a large plastic pocket. It took me exactly 3 nights, after each workshop session and dinner, to cut these out while watching the TV!! Should have printed out more, but oh well, at least some cutting was done.

What I want to share with you today is the shaker Christmas cards I made, to hang on the xmas tree.  I must credit the original idea to Maria Bell of, where she also has a tutorial on making these ornaments. I took her idea, made a few more shapes, and changed the finished product from a tree ornament, to a christmas card. This is just me being the old practical self again. I thought if I could make the ornament big enough to be able to write a message on the back, then I could send it as a Christmas card, and the recipients could hang it on their trees. My sister then came on board, and cut out some additional shapes from the Cricut cartridges, and I ended up making 12 of these different "cards". So here are 4 of the cards I made. The candle digistamp is from
Oh, and these are ALL shaker cards!!


  1. What neat projects, I love the idea of a card that turns into an ornament!!


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