"Granny's 4th degree"

Well, it wasn't quite what was "I" was expecting (a pun here somewhere I think) 2 months after their marriage, but my daughter is now 5 weeks pregnant! So, grandchild number 4, you are more than welcome in my home. Giggle .... I am going to have to find a rich husband somewhere, and soon. You see, I have three computers set up, one for each of the current 3 grandchildren. My youngest (just turned 2, has just mastered the mouse movements, so she now wants to play all the games like her sister and brother (who of course are faaaaaar more advanced and don't have time to play little Disney games with her). With another grandchild to teach when he/she is about 1 year old, I am going to need another pc aren't I?

Mmmmm, boy or girl? Any takers?


  1. Enjoy! At least you have more than a year to save :). Nothing better than a grandchild is there?


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