Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Meet me 'online'

This digistamp was inspired by my new little 'kitty' called Caleb, who is like my shadow! If he is asleep near me and I get up, he wakes up and follows me, then lies down as close as possible to me. He has also developed the habit of lying behind my keyboard while I'm typing, and while this may be fine now, he certainly won't fit in that space in 6 months time! Anyway, I coudn't resist taking this photo, designing a digistamp from it, and making a card!!


  1. Margy you are so clever. This is just too cute.

  2. Margy,

    I love Caleb!You are so talented and you should sell your images.


  3. This is such an adorable digistamp, Margie. Caleb is indeed a beautiful model! At which flea market can we see your necklaces?
    Amelia x