My "Rose"

So I saw this tutorial in the latest CraftWise magazine (March/April 2012) on how to make a large foam rose picture, and thought I'd give it a try. I bought a stretched canvas block, used 5 colours of acrylic paint (yellow, fluorescent green, emerald green, blue, and white), and 4 A4 sheets of thin coloured foam. I painted the canvas base bright lemon yellow, added dabs of fluorescent green and blue, then gently rubbed white in patches. The foam flower pieces were glued together, and onto the canvas, with my glue gun. Once all was dry and set, I added the glitter. I probably overdid the glitter thingey, but hey, I love bling, so who cares! The first picture shows the finished product against the curtains, duvet, and cushions (hence the weird colour scheme). The second picture shows a side-view of the rose and actually how high it stands up on the canvas.


  1. It's just gorgeous! I LOVE it! Well done!

  2. That's so pretty!! I really like all the glitter.

  3. Margy this is sooo pretty. The first picture really doesn't give you an idea of how high it sits...thanks for sharing the second. You did a wonderful job of making it. I can't believe that it's made of thin foam! And I for one love the glitter. As my dd would say "oooooh shiney!" :0)

  4. This looks fabulous Margy! =) Love the colors! =)
    Hugs, Elenor


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