Rainbow challenge

My daughter and I are making up 'year' books for her family, but we are soooo far behind!  I have just made this page for the 2010 album (told you we were behind!), and just for fun I am entering it into a challenge on the  new South African scrapbooking blog called Scrap Africa. We had these photos of the kids splashing in the mud (the above-ground pool was not set up yet) in my very dry garden, but because they were such 'bland' photos I was not too sure what to do with them. Then the rainbow challenge was put out at ScrapAfrica, and after adding the rainbow (made from paper strips) with the expected pot-o-gold at the end of it, the whole page came alive. You all know this is not my normal standard of scrapbooking as this page is so simple, but yet it is still effective, and it looks great in her album! The kids loved it! (Apologies for the skew angled photo!)


  1. What a gorgeous rainbow and I love the pot of gold..very cute!! :))


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