Art With No Boundaries

I just 'happened' to find this blog - Art With No Boundaries, with artwork by Chris Stern (CS Designs) - this morning while surfing, and must have spent nearly an hour looking at everything there! I'm hoping this will inspire me to 'get-out-of-my-box' a little!! I know I've always had something inside me that says "different" but never seem to be able to express it, and always end up staying inside the box. I suppose it's almost like being born - it's very comfortable, safe, and warm in the womb, yet as some stage you have to come out. But it's the coming-out experience that is the hardest - painful, tight, cold, bright lights, noisy, perhaps even a little fear. I think I often feel like that, andthen just slip back into the womb - my comfort zone. Yet I know that on the other side, there will be freedom. I'll get there, and when I do, I know this feeling of being boxed in, will be gone!!!
I particularly enjoyed the article on "Oil pastel backgrounds" in the February issue of Art With No Boundaries Online Magazine Vol 2, especially as oil pastels as my favourite medium of artwork. Pop into the AWNB blog and read the latest ezine.


  1. Glad you found it Margaret. Very different and refreshing. I was honoured to have been a guest artist for Chris' January 2013 AWNB Ezine mag. Her designs are wonderful to work with.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

  2. Hi Margy, So glad you found the new Art With No Boundaries Ezine and enjoyed the articles. I hope you will continue to come and visit and even consider sharing some of your own art with our readers. There are several places in each issue to do this including applying for a Guest Artist spot. I also want to thank you for posting the Cover Art to the January issue letting others know about the Ezine and for your lovely words about it in your post. This is very much appreciated and I wish you the best of luck in the draw for the prizes.
    :) Chris / CS Designs


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