The chocolate basket

I would like to wish all my followers (and anyone else who reads my posts) a Blessed Easter, and I am so thankful that my Lord and Saviour rose from the dead and defeated Satan in one fell swoop!

My 5 grandchildren are still young - some not even talking yet (3 months - 10 years), yet the 3 eldest (5, 7, 10) fully understand the significance of Easter and how our Lord paid a price yet came out victorious. However, they are still kids - and so many kids love eating chocolate at Easter time - often the only time they are ever allowed to gorge on the yummy stuff! I bought the 3 eldest one chocolate bunny each (I could not find decent egg shaped chocolates that weren't coated in sugar!), and put them into this little basket that I made from a folded piece of 12"x12" cardstock, and then decorated it. The bunnies are 10cm in height, and I'm amazed this little bag held all 3 without breaking!
Don't berate me for buying chocolate bunnies for the kids - as I said, my grandkids know the significance of Easter. I am a gran after all, and love spoiling them. I too was a kid many moons ago, and can remember how excited my sister and I were, that eventhough my parents were battling financially, they still treated us to some chocolate at Easter time.


  1. this is very beautiful made Margy.

    greetings karin

  2. Margy it's beautiful honey..
    Wishing you and yours a lovely Easter time..


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