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Eugenia - my new 'old friend'

UPDATE .... Yippee, I made Top 3 Pick at Lets Scrap Sketches with this layout!

Let's Scrap Sketches challenge 4-15-15 is to use this sketch...

I could not resist scrapbooking the latest addition to my family (well, at the moment just little old me) - Eugenia - my new little "old" girl. I fell in love with her when I saw her in January 2015, standing on the pavement outside the owner's home. He said he still needed to do quite a few repairs on 'him' before he sold 'him'. My ears pricked up, I asked the price, and on the way home I made up my mind I wanted to buy 'him' before he sold it to someone else.

Yes, him', because the owner had named the VW Beetle "Eugene" - typical of a male of course. BUT, typical of me as I am a woman, I wanted a female version of the car, so renamed HER "Eugenia". The owner was thrilled that I kept the original name, but with a slight twist to it, and of course a gender change!

Born in 1969, E…