Elf Christmas wreath

Sometimes I put foot to the pedal and create something that I know will always be a one-off! This huge Elf Christmas Wreath is one of those one-offs - now hanging in my eldest daughter's home.

I decided to respond to the monthly competition in the R&R Arts and Crafts Facebook page, where we were tasked to make a Christmas embellishment using not less than 1m of ribbon.

Competition result .... I shared the FIRST prize with another contestant! 

How I made up the wreath 

Calico material for the face, ears, nose, and hands
Quilting material for the arms and legs
battery operated lights
Dark green feather boa
Small red and gold baubles
Teddybear stuffing
Two old wire clothes hangers
10m of wire (thin and thick)
I used 14m of various wide and narrow ribbons (red, gold mesh, white, green)
4m of gold cord

Open up the hangers and shape into circles
Wrap some thick wire criss-cross across these hangers so that you will have wire to fasten all the ribbon to.
Cut out head, ears, and hands from calico. I did not use any pattern, just more or less guessed the shapes and sizes.
Cut arms, legs, and shoes from quilting materials.
Sew hands to arms, and shoes to legs, then stitch up side seams, stuff and close openings.
Attach the arms and legs onto the frame with thin wire, making sure they are firmly fastened.

Wind the light string around and through the wire frame and crossed wires, making sure that the switch on the battery is behind one of the arms so you can reach it easily.

Wind the feather boa around and through the wire hanger frame, making sure you cover most of the area.

Make up ALL the ribbon bows and cords and bind with thin wire, then fasten randomly onto the hanger frame.

Head: stitch ears and stuff, and sew onto head. Make a small nose and stuff. Stitch a mouth using embroidery thread. I made the eyes using two small pompoms which I glued in place. I also glued some stuffing onto the hat brim.
Fasten head securely to the wire frame and fluff the feather boa around it.

So, a little madness, many hours of labour, but I love the end result - and so does my daughter!


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