How to make paper flower roses with the rose punch

Do you have one of these punches (large, small, or both), but are stumped what to do with it apart from creating flat flowers for your scrapbook pages or cards? As long as the punch has SIX (6) petals, you can made these stunning 3D roses.

I made this arrangement in 2006 (yes 9 years old this year), and all 5 my grandchildren have at some stage or another pulled the arrangement apart and played with the flowers, and it still looks good! I made each individual rose with this punch and glittered up some of the edges of the petals.

What you need
Rose punch
paper glue
good quality scrapbooking paper (plain or patterned or both)
matching chalk/distress ink to distress the edges
flower stamens
florist wire
two paper leaves

1. Punch THREE flowers out of your papers
2. Fold each flower in half 3 times so that you end up with all folds crossing at the centre of the flower
3. From the first flower, cut out ONE petal; cut TWO petals from the second flower; cut the third flower in half; cut the left over 3-petal half into one petal and 2 petals. Curl the petals.

4. Distress all the edges of the petals with your chalk/distress ink.

5. Starting with the largest piece, glue one of the cut edges with a thin line of glue, then fold the other edge just over, and fasten with a paperclip. Repeat for all pieces except the single petal, which you need to roll up.

6. Using an awl or a thick sewing needle, punch a hole in the centre of each of the glued petals. Bend over the one end of the florist wire to form a loop, and push the other end through all the flower pieces, starting with the single petal and ending with the 5 petal piece, and make sure the loop in the wire is at the base of the inside of the flower. Fold the stamens in half and glue inside the rolled petal. Wrap two leaves behind the rose, and end up with wrapping the whole stem with florist tape. If you want to add some glitter glue, lightly glue some of the edges of the petals.

The end result!

Have fun!


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