Mixed media with foils

My first 'real' mixed media project ( a loooong post). Real in the sense that this was not done during a class training session, but an hour stolen here or there to complete it - all on my own. This board ended up having quite a special meaning to me without planning it that way. Each block represents something I love!

The wooden base board is 40 x 40cm, and each of the smaller wooden plates are 9.5 x 9.5cm, with cut-off corners. I bought these basic supplies and the glass stains at my local craft shop Kief Kreatif.

I started off blindly after seeing a tutorial at My Art Journal and then the owner kindly sent me the tutorial of how to use gel. All the tinfoil was glued to the base blocks with the gel medium. The aluminium (Au) strip comes with a VERY sticky backing and peel-off strip. I bought a role that builders normally use for taping up a geyser blanket.

Tile 1 (I love my family)

Chipboard heart glued to base tile. Lots of small rectangular bits cut from Au strip and pasted to cover whole tile plus sides. In stained with red, yellow, blue and black.

Tile 2 (I love vintage and cameos)
Modged copper paper onto tile then painted and rubbed off black acrylic paint. Punched shape out of Au strip and pasted on top of paper. Modged. Glued cameo on top.

Tile 3 (I love cats and teddies)

Small blocks of copper paper pasted behind punched flowers of Au strips. Rub around blocks, then paint and rub off black acrylic paint. Small embellishments glued on top.

Tile 4 (I love vintage; sometimes I need to be wound up like the lady!)
Pasted tinfoil, painted mix of blue and yellow to produce green. Pasted chipboard lady, mesh, and paper strip and modged over top.

Tile 5 (I love bows)
Glued crumpled tinfoil onto the base with gel medium, then stained two corners red and the inside blue. I then used the same dies, and stained the mesh bow, which I hotglued on top with a gem.

Tile 6 (I love vintage; this is my journey)
Stained AU strips with red, yellow, and black all muddled in a mess LOL. Pasted chipboard and painted chipboard sentiment.

Tile 7 (I love singing and my guitar; life is often a puzzle)
Glued tinfoil then piece of copper paper, rubbed on and off black acrylic paint. Punched out large jigsaw piece from tinfoil and glued on top of paper. Added guitar embellishments.

Tile 8 (I love bling and nature)
Glued same copper paper, rubbed on and off with black acrylic paint. Punched flowers from Au foil and glued randomly on top. Added yellow gems.

Tile 9 (I love my faith)
Stuck chipboard letters onto base tile and covered with strips of AU foil. Rubbed carefully around all the edges of the letters to make them stand out. One big mess of yellow, blue, and red glass stain painted around letters, and letters kept blue. Bible is a small embellishment I modged.

Base board
Two coats of black acrylic paint. Once dried, I modged 3 different scrapbooking papers on top of each other with torn edges. Hotglued a large gold cord around the outer edge, and drilled holes in bottom edge to add the antique hooks.

Hope you like this!


  1. Beautifully done. Great idea, too.

  2. This is so beautiful! I hope you've got it hanging up in your studio!


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