My Namib desert project life pages

Hi everyone,

This is the story of a one-day outing into the Namib desert, as part of my MSC Cruise to Namibia in May 2016. 

This is my very FIRST "Project Life" layout, and while I really did not enjoy making up this 2-page project, I have to say that if it was not for the fabulous Ivytree Studio pocket cards from their Hadeda Collection, I would probably have given up!!! Just too much planning and synchronisation, and it felt like I had used a few meters of double-sided tape - my table looked an absolute mess! I suppose it IS a good method of journalling, but only if you have a lot of relevant, matching sayings you can add. Fortunately the creators of this paper range thought of that!

All the papers and pocket cards come from the fabulous Ivytree Studio Hadeda Garden Collection. 

And now for some close ups.
The Tour Guide took us to a specific spot, searched the bushes, and found this little chap. Seems he was already well trained as he climbed on the hand and fed on worms provided to him! Great for photography, but I dislike the taming of wild creatures for the sake of sensationalism or marketing.

God makes the most amazing creatures, and this little Palmetogecko with its transparent body and delicate colouring, was a highlight of the trip for me. 

I cut out an additional flower and raised it with mirror tape.

This is little old me - always with camera ready! My friend actually took a photo of me lying in the sand trying to photograph a toktokkie! Not too successfully though as those things move FAST - and I don't!

One of the pocket cards has this space to do a little journalling. I cut out two images and stuck them on top for decoration.

Mmm - I was rather annoyed with the tour guide for digging up and chasing this poor spider, but I think she got the upper hand! He was extremely cautious after this. 

The famous yet totally stressed out "White Dancing Lady". From the angle of the photograph you can see I was low down on the ground - on my knees in fact with the camera about 1 meter from her. The guide and everyone else was screaming at me to be careful and get away. Why? I was not hurting her and she knew it. After the photo she ran between my knees and out the back. Guide never spoke to me for the rest of the day!

A card cut from one of the papers, and a sentiment added from the range.

A heart cut out from the range and stuck on with another sentiment.

Literary licence here - I changed the 'our' to 'my' and just love it! This is an image cut out and stuck onto a piece of the paper cut into a pocket card.

Ivytree Studio Elements used
Code Name
161/2 Hadeda Gardenia/Organic dots Hadeda Garden
161/13 Hadeda flock/Chevron Hadeda Garden
161/26 Sprigged Agapanthus/Polka dots Hadeda Garden
161/3 Hadeda garden/Chevron Hadeda Garden
161/49 Pretty pocket cards - English Hadeda Garden
161/50 Pretty pocket cards - English Hadeda Garden

Additional materials used

White cardstock
double-sided tape

All these fabulous papers are available from Ivytree Studio

Visit Ivytree Studio to see more of what they are up to:
Buy some of their pretty paper here
Connect with the team on their Facebook page here.
Share your Ivytree Studio layouts with us here


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